Call Rates

Call rates for outgoing calls from your fullduplex team account

1.0 p/min*

For calls to UK landlines

9.9 p/min*

For calls to UK mobiles

0.0 p/min*

fullduplex to fullduplex calls

39.0 p**


Calls to Special Numbers

UK 08442.9 p/min*
UK 08442.9 p/min*
UK 08442.9 p/min*
UK 08442.9 p/min*
UK 08442.9 p/min*


Frequently asked questions

Pretty much quickly, most happen within 7 days whilst others take about 10 days, it depends on your provider. We have migrated some clients in less than 72 hours, so you’re in safe hands.

Of course you can, we handle any number, whether is a non-geographic number, local number or international number. Just let us know how many numbers you wish to migrate and we’ll arrange for that.

If some providers are stuck in the dark ages, then they might do, but most don’t. We don’t charge to port your number to us either, so you enjoy a stress-free number porting.

You can definitely buy a single number or a block of numbers. For example, if you need a block of 10 successive numbers for your business, we’ll book it for you to order. You can purchase up to 1000 numbers at one go.

You name any area in the UK, we’ve got numbers for them. Just choose your numbers and if you have multiple offices around the country, feel free to pick out the numbers the most relevant to you.

Sure, we have SMS and Fax enabled numbers, when you get in touch with us, let one of our advisors know and we;ll sort it out for you.

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