Call Center

All within your budget and affordable.

Complete cloud contact centre with VoIP Business

We offer call centre solutions to those businesses who wish to utilise Omnichannel routing, workforce optimisation, robust call analytics and voice as a service.

Try our enterprise-grade cloud Voip platform

Scale with ease, no matter how many agents you have or where they are based. Make live updates with minimal IT intervention. VoIP Business gives freedom to agents and managers so they can work from anywhere whilst still making full use of the features and functionality of VoIP Business call centre option.

See what our cloud call centre solution can do for your business:

  • Easy to run and highly customisable call centre software add on software that runs in your browser.
  • Make & receive calls, send chats and also route calls, all via your browser.
  • Access to complete customer history. This has a complete overview of past conversations.
  • Plug in your existing numbers, just let us know, we’ll port them over. Or, just book a block of DDIs from us.
  • Set up your Call Centre VoIP Solutions in minutes with VoIP Business, all you need is internet and headsets, and your fab team members.
  • Advanced call queuing features such as Intelligent ACD. skill-based routing, IVR trees and menus.
  • Ability to set up call priorities to ensure the most important calls to your business are answered promptly with little or less downtime.
  • Choose how your ring groups and pick up groups operate to make sure your best-suited agents can answer relevant calls, whilst other calls are automatically attributed by customising the call patterns.
  • Unlimited concurrent calls, no need to worry about limits or maximum capacity, our VoIP Business cloud call centre solution handles it all.
  • Customisable call experience: log all calls and prioritise how to answer to all those waiting in the queue. Also, call record inbound and outbound calls at any time. You can also do internal calls for seamless collaboration with your colleagues.
  • Holistic overview of team performance: Use our call analytics and dashboard features to extract the manager’s insights from the call centre management to improve customer service and support work-flows.