Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is one of the most important features of any modern telephone system. It gives you the ability to forward a call to another person, team or to other extensions.

Use call forwarding in our hosted PBX

The Call Forwarding feature allows you to forward calls to other employees in the same or different location. You can even forward calls to recipients outside your company. The feature does not work based on the pre-set criteria, it lets you forward calls in real time. Call forwarding can also be used to ring several numbers or devices in a sequence.

For example, if the 1st employee doesn’t answer the phone then maybe the 3rd employee can handle the call. This feature also allows you to forward calls to the voicemail of an intended recipient.

The business VoIP phone system allows you to manage all of your phone calls. The system provides you with a range of features to easily forward your calls on the basis of particular criteria which you can choose according to your business. You can keep all your customers satisfied by using this call forwarding feature.

Call Forwarding Scenario in PBX

If one phones the business’s main number, then no one answers, then it could be forwarded to either another person in the company (should be user), or could be forwarded to a team (this could be a ring group), or could also be forwarded to a particular phone number (landline, mobile or international number as well). It could also be forwarded to a voicemail.

If Bill is calling on the company phone number ending in 8400, if no one answers after 30 seconds, the call can be forwarded to Riley (User), or the Sales Team (Riley is in that team), or could be forwarded to an external phone number, e.g, a particular Business Development Manager’s mobile number. Forwarding to the company’s central voicemail is also an option.

Benefits of the Call Forwarding feature?

  • You can automatically forward all call to any phone number whether of your office, home or even mobile phone to make sure that your calls are getting answered.
  • You can forward any call to any extension, phone number, and department or group sequentially and at the same time.
  • You are allowed to specify the number of times the phone rings before the call is forwarded to the next phone number.
  • This feature makes it a lot easier to forward calls on the basis of caller ID information, date, time and much more. It is a way to make sure that important callers get prioritised and routed to the right person or department quickly.

Frequently asked questions

You can forward calls up to 10 phone numbers. All the numbers can ring at the same time or sequentially. You can specify the settings according to your requirement. Forward calls to up to 10 phone numbers, which can ring simultaneously or in the order you specify.

First, every caller will hear the company greeting or if the call is to the direct individual then the individual’s greeting. Then the Auto-receptionist will ask the caller to hold whilst the call is connected. If you want, you can activate the setting where Auto-receptionist will ask all callers for their names and you will hear the caller’s name first.

Yes. The call forward feature allows you to send calls to any international number through VoIPBusiness’ low rates.

No, VoIP Business makes it easy for you to change the settings at any time you want. All you need is to use your phone, tablet or computer. With a few clicks you can easily set up and change the settings for call forwarding whether it is for an individual or an entire department. As users you can configure your own settings for individual forwarding to suit your work schedule.

Yes. This feature allows you to forward calls to any number and any device.

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