Call Queues

Never miss a phone call. Organise call flow and map all your incoming calls.

A Call Queue is a virtual waiting room that offers the callers with an option of remaining on the call while they wait for an agent to answer. With call queue system, businesses can manage big call volumes with limited staff. Businesses can use prompts such as Music on Hold, special information, and messages about the business. Basically, call queues place incoming calls in line to be answered while representatives are busy with other calls.

Call Queue Scenario

Suppose someone is calling and the call goes into a queue. The rule is if the queue is empty, then call is forwarded to Joe, if Joe fails to answer, then it’s passed to Ricky. Now should Ricky be unavailable too, the system normally will pass on the call to the next available user, the call queue will go in a loop to retry Joe and Ricky.

If one of them is available, then the call will be connected. In the meantime, the call queue can initiate a greeting or music or hold mentioning “you’ve been placed on hold, all our agents are currently busy assisting other customers, please wait for an available agent, thank you”.

Call Queue Benefits

01IVR system automatically routes calls and places callers in call queues.

03It can improve customer satisfaction as it informs the callers about what’s happening.

05Ability to better manage customers on the phone systematically and smartly.

07Businesses can promote marketing campaigns within queue messaging.

02It is more advanced than a ring group and assigns calls based on a predetermined pattern.

04If one has geographically dispersed businesses, it allows all users to function as one.

06It allows us to cut down on voicemails and missed calls.

08Managers can monitor activity and review reports from the system.

Frequently asked questions

Ring All – all users will be rung
Round Robin – anyone can be fairly targeted
Least Recent – the one who has least recently answered a call
Fewest calls – the one who has answered the fewest calls
Random – anyone can get it

Definitely, that is one very important benefit of call queues, businesses in multiple locations can function as one team. For example, one of your companies might be geographically dispersed, in the US and one in the UK. This feature will allow users to think that they are speaking to one team even though there are two teams in two different locations.

A user can be placed in a call queue/virtual queue when waiting, can also customise the greeting, the music on hold and also the message. Can also forward to a voicemail to leave their details, that voicemail can then be also forwarded to one or multiple users, could be done via email and text as well.

Call queuing is normally a premium feature for business phone lines. Call centres tend to use them all the time. This feature makes sure that customers who are calling are dealt with professionally. You find the call queue feature in our Premium package.