Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create sophisticated, powerful menus with multiple options.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a virtual service that greets the callers and can transfer callers to extension automatically, without the callers having to speak to an operator or receptionist. You can customize messages based on the timing of your company and days. The callers are presented with multiple options such as dial by name or extensions etc. the feature is capable of handling several incoming calls simultaneously and carrying out call transfer without sending the traditional busy tones to the caller.


An example of IVR phone system is when a caller will call your company; they will hear “press 1 for sales support, press 2 for Info, press 3 for support, press 0 to speak to the operator”.
After they pick a choice, their call will be routed to an extension/call queue, or, for example, a voice message will be reproduced to them. Otherwise, they enter an IVR submenu which offers more options than to select from.

IVR Benefits

Simplicity and Accessibility:

01With VoIPbusiness plans any businesses of all sizes can benefit without having to worry about the cost of the technical sport, hardware, and computing budgets.

Enhanced Customer Service:

03IVR may appear like a personalised solution but it offers a better, direct, specific and completely thorough customer service. Callers who call for specific queries the IVR generate fast responses which are informative and time-efficient. The calls are answered on the very first ring and it decreases the customer wait time.

Wider Personalisation:

03You can program each IVR with a personalised greeting for your customers. The IVR can not only identify a caller by its name but can also identify

Unlimited Customer Access:

04The Virtual Receptionist is always available no matter what the time of day it is. Consequently, clients can get service at any time they want. Whereas the option of having a live agent might still be tempting to some, it can be offered with an IVR system; nonetheless, with IVR, the customers have unlimited access to your company.

Create a Better Company Image:

05Create a Better Company Image: IVR helps you create a better impression on your customers. Small businesses or home-based businesses can create an image of big and more professional business using this service. On the contrary, large corporations can use this service to maintain their consistency with great customer service. In short, IVR systems can help establish a professional image for any company.

Frequently asked questions

Basic IVR is included in all VoIP business plans however, to use IVRs you have to upgrade.

You have the option to forward business calls to another number or multiple phone numbers.

You can send callers directly to voicemail.

It also gives you the option to play an announcement only, and then end the call.

You can decide from various music selections to play while calls are connecting or on hold.

You can record your personalised greetings or upload sound clips on a sound library or choose default sounds available.

The admin of the account can manage an auto-attendant which established the answering rules for the main company number.