Music on Hold

Use our sound library to upload and record sounds that can be played for your call on hold. Personalise your music for each phone extension in your business.

Use Sound Library to customize music on hold

The Music on Hold feature by VoipBusiness helps the phone system play music while the callers are on hold which gives your company a professional edge. This feature allows you to replace dead silence with music.
VoIPBusiness gives your company options so you can choose music of your liking or you can also upload a file to be played. That means that anyone who calls the business would be able to have a pleasant experience as you’d be able to fill in all the voids with some nice music and harness experiential marketing by building and maintaining the right vibes whilst customers and stakeholders await to talk to someone in your business.

Music On Hold Scenario in PBX

Caller X, calls the main number and after three rings, gets played a custom music, with a custom greeting “Our agents are currently busy assisting valued customers like you, please hold”, then User Y who happens to be in the sales team picks it up. Caller X actually needed to speak to someone in Finance as advised by User Y, so the caller gets transferred to the Finance Department. Whilst waiting for another staff to pick up, a custom music on hold, specially an upbeat could be played. If someone is unavailable, a custom message might play such as “Your are number 2 in our queue, we won’t be long and appreciate your patience”. This way, as a business, you are able to maintain the customer experience throughout the entire call wait, hold, transfer and pickup.

Benefits of the Sound Library Music?

  • You can select music and messages of your own choice to be played based on the time, day and caller ID of the caller.
  • It improves the calling experience of your callers with optimized music for mobiles.
  • This feature allows you to deliver any helpful information for your customer.
  • Through music on hold you can play answer to frequently asked questions along with music.
  • You can also provide your company’s location to your callers.
  • You can also insert useful and reassuring voice updates and messages to be played between music on hold.
  • Customize your own greeting to be played on music on hold. You can select from a range of greeting, messages and pre-recorded greetings. You can also upload music of your choice to play for your customers.

Music on Hold FAQs

What you play in music on hold can be any type of music or a series of messages.

You can upload a total of 25 files. Each file must be less than 10 minutes long. The files will be played in random order or in a particular chosen order.

You can use music on hold in multiple ways:

  • Music during call hold: you can use music on hold while a caller is on hold.
  • Music during call waiting: you can use music on hold if you want to receive another incoming while you are already on the phone.
  • Music during call Park: you can use music on hold when you park a call.

You can upload files by simply logging in to your VoIPBusiness account and select music on hold from the menu then selecting the ‘upload’ option.

With VoipBusiness, you can customise music on nearly everything, from extensions, to groups to even single and multi level IVRs.

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