Pickup Groups

Use call pickup groups to allow other users to pick the phone and assist as and when. Never miss any calls with this team approach.

The call pickup features allow a user to answer an inbound call on another extension in your group by inputting or dialing in a short code. If one belongs to a call pickup group, then you can answer calls for other members of the group. As part of that pickup group, you can also join calls. When you hear an incoming call ringing on another phone or can see the BLF lights or any flashing lights that indicate that the phone is ringing, you can pick up this call by using an extension.

Therefore, the call pickup option allows a user within the same pickup group to answer a call at their phone for another extension within the same pickup group. That means, you will be able to pick up the phone for those users who might not be at their desk, or absent or unable to answer their phone line.

Essentially, call pick up means the ability to allow users within the same group to answer each other calls. Simply choose the users and add them to the pickup group! There is also another feature called Group call pickup which allows users to pick up incoming calls in another group.

Pickup Groups Scenario in PBX:

As part of another team, one can pick up calls for another team as part of the Group call pickup. One can also pick up calls for another colleague as part of the call pickup group. The people in a pickup group can be designated to pick up calls on behalf of other people. For example, if calls come to the sales team – which is a ring group, then directors can also pick the call on the behalf, so a group of 3 directors for example can form part of a pick up group. There could be 5 directors in a ring group, for example, executive board has 5 members with 2 non-executives, so that 3 of them can actually do something for the sales team, that means as users they can be part of the Sales pick up group or be in the same Directors ring group and do a Group call pick up by dialing the appropriate call pickup group number.

Benefits of our Call Pickup Group feature?

  • Answer the phone for your colleague, on his/her behalf
  • Help out the team by using the team spirit and pickup calls for other groups
  • Never miss an important call for the whole business, a team approach ensures multiple users are able to take front lines and back up calls
  • There is shared responsibility which means other users are able to be trained to answer calls on behalf of others and benefit from having multiple telephone skills
  • Easy to configure the pickup options and administer them on a cloud pbx such as ours

Pickup Groups FAQs:

How to pick up within the same group?
One can use softkey, PickUp, for example on Cisco IP Phones, for this type of call pickup. For Group pickups, there could be another softkey such as GPickUp. Can further customise controls on our cloud PBX.

Is this an advanced feature?
Definitely, if you choose our premium package, we’ll configure the call queues, the IVR and the ring groups in such a way that your business would be able to access the pickup feature, even if a user or another groups wants to. This configuration is one of the most popular amongst our clients who tend to be operating vibrant businesses.

Can I use the BLF feature on my phone to pickup?
Yes, if you’re using our business grade Cisco IP phones, then one can press the pre-programmed BLF key (speed-dial key) on the phone, to receive inbound calls to the pickup group.

Do I need special phones or separate equipment for the call pickup?
No, if you’re using the small business Cisco phones or other popular brands that are compatible with VoipBusiness, such as Yealink and Gigaset, it should not be an issue. Also, you don’t need any extra equipment as our cloud PBX will handle all of it.

Want to fully try our Pickup Groups feature?

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