voip solutionsStay connected with Powerful
VoIP phone technology

It can be a challenge to put connectivity into serviced and managed offices. That’s where VoIP Business comes in. With our state-of-art technology, you can manage everything easily. Built-in remote access to communications so you can maintain functionality and never business another important business call again. 

Why choose VoIP business?

voip solutionsImproved VoIP Telephony and

Provide your current tenants and new tenants with a fully customizable and powerful VoIP phone system. We are different, we are VoIP managed service providers, and it means that you get a hands-off approach when dealing with deploying VoIP to your tenants.

Our process is simple


We give you a VoIP admin for tenants (onboard new tenants and request number porting, new numbers, office phones and any other plans from us).


We offer reduced plans (make the maximum margins, as an office provider the system will be white-labelled to you).


We supply office phones and all VoIP related accessories (choose what the tenants need, and we’ll roll everything in one single invoice).